Monthly Tax Advice

  • Revising and preparation of interim payment of taxes and informative statements.
  • Reviewing of payroll and local taxes.
  • Ongoing updating of legislative changes, miscellaneous resolutions, regulatory criteria and information appplicable to the fulfilment of tax obligtions.
  • Permanent advice to directors and managers of the company

Special Projects

  • Reviewing and preparation of annual tax return of individuals and corporations. 
  • Fiscal planning and diagnosis. 
  • Processing and refund of tax compensations. 
  • Tax calculations and decision of disposal of shares 
  • Processing of liquidation, split, merger and repayment of capital. 
  • Consultation in the request for reduction of interim payments to the  SAT. 
  • Tax calculation to determine CUFIN, CUFINRE and CUCA. 
  • Advice in the response to requests, invitations, offices and minutes derived from tax audits.

Investment Abroad

  • Determination of cumulative income or tax loss resulting because of investing abroad made by an individual or a corporation residing in Mexico. 
  • Monthly and annual tax returns of  ISR. 
  • Information statements required depending on the tax regime 

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