External Audit

  • Tax audit that concludes with an opinion and presentation of it
  • Social security audit and presentation of the opinion generated
  • Financial audit to assist the Company in the making decision and to ensure the monitoring of standards. It is not presented at the SATand it is requested by third parties.
  • Audit of financial institutions, we have audit in Prevention of Money Laundering and reports to the National Banking and Security Commission based on the required standards.

Internal Audit

  • Analysis, studies and evaluation of the internall contol system, as well as the posible implementation of it. Reviewing safeguards and policy compliance systems, a final report is issued, suggestions for contiued improvement, monitoring and maintenance of implemented controls.
  • Audit of policy compliance, procedures and established practices.
  • Fraud prevention and detection.
  • Evaluation of the structure of the organization and development of manuals of the organization.

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